The Fomo Store, Gothenburg

The FOMO store (Fear Of Missing Out) is located in Molndal Galleria, just 10 mins from central Gothenburg. Fomo is reinventing retail, a permanent concept/pop-up store with a multi-brand format – a physical lifestyle blog.

The British Embassy and FÖMO Pop-Up Store have teamed up for an exclusive British design showcase in Gothenburg, Sweden. There are 20 innovative and sustainable British Brands new to the Swedish market.
These include Fashion: Menswear, Womenswear, Kidswear, Accessories: Eyewear, Bags, Jewellery, Beauty: Skincare & Wellbeing.

The brands will be at FÖMO until the end of March where you can purchase select pieces for a limited time.

Creative Download had the opportunity to work with Fomo on the store layout, and visual merchandising of the store. ”Although Creative Download work on many projects in Europe”, said Iain Kimmins owner of Creative Download, “ this is a great to tap into the Scandinavian market. Retail is a tough market at present and this is great way of keeping retail alive in creating destination store, which is continually changing”.

Ambiente – Frankfurt

It was a busy few days at the end of last week for Creative Download working on the setting up/product styling for a client who is exhibiting at this year’s trade fair Ambiente in Frankfurt.

The fair opened on Friday and this was a great opportunity to walk round the fair seeing all the new trends and the design aspects of the various exhibition stands.  Here is a selection of photographs.

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The Spring Fair – NEC

It was a busy few days at the end of last week for Creative Download working on the setting up/product styling for a client who is exhibiting at this years Spring Fair.

The fair opened on Sunday and this was a great opportunity to walk around the fair, seeing all the new trends and the design aspects of various exhibition stands. Here is a selection of photographs.

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Harrods – The Art of Colour

At this darkest time of year, Harrods celebrates colour as a universal language to transform, to diversify, to update, to represent and to beautify.

The Colour Supermarket windows at Harrods are part of the store-wide celebration of The Art of Colour. The store has partnered with Pantone, the authority on colour for the design industry, to create a bespoke palette inspired by the leading colours of SS19.

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Selfridges “I Love Me” Valentine Concept.

The day of love (or the day that many love to loathe) is upon us, but this year there’s a twist: Valentine’s Day is no longer just for happy couples to celebrate their love while some of us are left feeling like the only solo sock in a drawer full of perfectly matched pairs.

This year’s Valentine concept at Selfridges is entitled “I Love Me”. Whether it’s a new romance, a decade-spanning friendship or the perfect excuse for a moment of pure self-indulgence, this Valentine’s Day is just as much about you as them – after all, don’t we all deserve a bit of love every day of the year?

With its Valentine graphics, beautifully merchandise tables of gorgeous food products, each with its own strap-line, to the ceiling dome filled with pink, blue and silver baubles, a visit to the Foodhall at Selfridges is the pure wow factor.

Selfridges is definitely at the forefront of retail, where retail is certainly not dead! This store certainly knows how to market itself, create retail theatre with its superb visual merchandising and store presentation, it has become the ‘destination store’. A visit to Oxford Street is not complete without a trip to Selfridges.

Having worked as a Visual Merchandising Manager at Selfridges, you can guarantee that whatever the latest trend is, Selfridges will have it. It is the store to be seen in. Retail needs to be fun and exciting to attract customers. You certainly will not get this great shopping experience when sitting behind a screen!

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The Selfridges Corner Shop

Selfridges has been a long-standing patron of the arts, championing the showcase of artworks across the London store for many decades. Showing art in unexpected places is not a new thing at Selfridges although this is the store’ first major dedicated arts campaign take over. The campaign marks a turning point in Selfridges’ commitment to supporting the arts and the artists behind them – especially emerging promising Britain- based talent, not only more established names.

Arts for windows – in an exclusive collaboration with the artists from the forthcoming Cross Rail Art Programme Selfridges launches a series of arresting art installations in its iconic Oxford Street windows, turned galleries and exhibition spaces, featuring nine critically acclaimed artists. All nine artists were commissioned by the Crossrail Art Programme, funded by the Crossrail Art Foundation charity, to create site- specific artworks in the new stations of the Elizabeth Line due to open later this year.

The Art Store at The Selfridges Corner Shop The Corner Shop in the London store plays host to the Art Store, a multi- dimensional destination that combines retail, customer interaction and artist participation. Along with an extensive selection of art materials brought together by Cass Art, the Art Store showcases an eclectic collection of artworks and limited editions.

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H&M – Hammersmith, London

H&M has revealed a new strategy for its concept stores, with the launch of a first-of-its-kind retail experience at its Hammersmith site.

The 2,300 square metre store will launched in early December focuses, on customer experience and strengthening the H&M brand for its shoppers.

The Swedish apparel giant will test numerous new concepts at the store, which according to H&M will have a completely new look and feel, and be the first to launch across the world.

Stone flooring and “greenery” will create what H&M describes as a “covered courtyard feel”, with three floors of the store connecting via a wrought iron staircase. There is a  relaxed environment while browsing the store and I particular liked the signage and the Self Service Check-Out Desk and the focal points around the store.  It really does give the customer a good shopping experience they will remember. 

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How not to present your retail shop or store to your customers.

To end 2018 in a somewhat comical way, I thought I’d share a few photographs that will make you gasp, smile, laugh and probably shock you.

I have worked in the Visual Merchandising industry for over 20 years and have travelled extensively and observed a great deal in retail. I have collected these photographs over the years, while some have been sent to me by other Visual Merchandisers who I know. These photographs are used in the VM training sessions I run and in VM guidelines I create for clients. I do find educating retailers is the most challenging part of my job, but hopefully images like this will help them improve their shops and stores.

On a serious note, these photographs will probably shock you. Customers should not be subjected to seeing these sights. Anything from crammed window displays to the complete lack of merchandise in windows through to unprofessional mannequin poses to bad ticketing & signage to the shop floor being used at the stock room.

The most worrying part is that these retailers think this is acceptable for customers to see these sights. In this tough competitive work of retail, first impressions are vital. After all, “You Don’t Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression”. There is always a customer looking over your shoulder!

In this tough market, retailers need to create the right shopping environment. From shop fronts to window displays to interior visual merchandising, product layout and focal points around the store, Creative Download will ensure that creativity is balanced with the commercial requirements of your business.

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Fomo Store, Gothenburg, Sweden

A new flagship pop-up store called “FÖMO”, which stands for Fear of Missing Out, has opened in The Mölndal Galleria, a new shopping centre in Gothenburg, Sweden. This unique physical lifestyle magazine gives a new shopping experience featuring a broad range of categories with a focus on brands that are not easily available in Sweden.

It is a mix of a living lifestyle magazine and a multi-brand concept with products changing frequently through the year to ensure customers always see, touch, taste, smell and hear something new, with frequent events driving new kinds of customer experience. The store provides Retail As A Service (RAAS) with staff, concepts, events and marketing to deliver the right message for each brand. As part of the program, brands are required to have event activations, appear in the window – much like the cover of a magazine for a few weeks and provide something that benefits the community whilst engaging with their customers.
A micro-department store of sorts, focusing on an event format with exhibitions, workshops and experiential marketing. A play area, coffee break spot and shopping in one space, how inviting!

I understand that “FÖMO Store” is inviting new brands to come on-board and hunting for new locations in Europe to expand the concept.  For further information contact:

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Selfridges Rocks Christmas

The department store is taking inspiration from rock-and-roll and pop music culture for its Christmas theme, which shows Santa dressed up in an assortment of difference rock outfits.

The windows, in Oxford Street London, also references the Blondie song ‘Hangin On TheTelephone‘, with a Debbie Harry-inspired mannequin in one of the windows.

The department store said more than 100 people had worked on non-stop rotated shifts over the past eight days to prepare the windows for the unveiling today.

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