Visual Merchandising Students at Windsor College.

The British Display Society recently visited Windsor College and spent a day with their Visual Merchandising students.

Windsor College gained the BDS “Centre of Excellence” Award as they offer great facilities and superb VM syllabus for their students. This Award is open to any educational establishment that offers courses in Visual Merchandising.

Myself and my BDS colleagues Barbara Chapman and John Abbate gave the students a talk/presentation which was well received by the tutors and the students.

It was a pleasure to listen and talk to the students as to what inspires them, what motives them and to view the students work. Their work ranged from initial sketches, designs to model making to prop building to dressing the mock-up windows.

Given the level of passion and enthusiasm, it proves that there is certainly a generation of inspiring and up-and-coming Visual Merchandisers in the making.

It is so vital that anyone wishing to move into the VM industry must undertake VM training and learn all the principles. Don’t forget that the BDS offer an On-Line VM Course, which is a great start to the industry. Check out the website and sign up. At the end of the course, you will receive a recognised Certificate and you will become a Member of The British Display Society.

You can also follow the BDS on Facebook & Instagram.



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