Signage & Ticketing

Have you ever noticed how much signage, ticketing and graphics are now an integral part of Visual Merchandising?

Whether it’s a graphic panel in a window display or ticketing promoting a new product or a branding block, these elements enhance the store image and the appeal of the merchandise.

Graphics play a vital role in the design of the store and in the communicating a promotion or Brand message.

Gone are the days when stores used no signage, nowadays it all about creating theatre. Large graphic panels in windows or the signage on the doors will guide you into the store, while in-store signage/ticketing do more than inform you as the price of an item. A ticket will educate the customer about the product, reinforce a promotion and will ultimately make the decision as to whether the customer buys the merchandise.

In this digital age in some stores, you are now able to scan your smart phone on the QR Code and receive information about the product.

Apart from having an in-house VM team, many large stores will also employ a team of Graphic Designers who role is to devise new and exciting graphics and tickets for the shop floor. Coupled with this, many stores will have facilities to print all ticketing, signage and graphics in-house.

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The VM & Display Show 2019

The Visual Merchandising & Display Show held at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London, is the longest running exhibition for the industry.

Whether you are a retailer, designer, in the leisure and entertainment industry or in fact use visual merchandising to promote your products or services, the VM Show is a must visit for everyone involved. The show  features a range of everything connected with visual merchandising & display from Mannequins, Print, Christmas Decorations, Display Services, Props, Design, Graphics, Bust Forms, Lighting, Fabrics and everything in between!

As Chairman of The British Display Society, the show was a great success for us. Not only promoting Visual Merchandising as a recognised career, but  gaining new members both Corporate, Freelancers and Individual members. Retail and The High Street is tough at the moment, so everyone within the industry has to work together, utilising each other’s skill sets in order to make the High Street vibrant and exciting again. Check out our website to learn more about Membership and our Visual Merchandising Training Courses.

Here is a selection of photographs from the show.