Selfridges “I Love Me” Valentine Concept.

The day of love (or the day that many love to loathe) is upon us, but this year there’s a twist: Valentine’s Day is no longer just for happy couples to celebrate their love while some of us are left feeling like the only solo sock in a drawer full of perfectly matched pairs.

This year’s Valentine concept at Selfridges is entitled “I Love Me”. Whether it’s a new romance, a decade-spanning friendship or the perfect excuse for a moment of pure self-indulgence, this Valentine’s Day is just as much about you as them – after all, don’t we all deserve a bit of love every day of the year?

With its Valentine graphics, beautifully merchandise tables of gorgeous food products, each with its own strap-line, to the ceiling dome filled with pink, blue and silver baubles, a visit to the Foodhall at Selfridges is the pure wow factor.

Selfridges is definitely at the forefront of retail, where retail is certainly not dead! This store certainly knows how to market itself, create retail theatre with its superb visual merchandising and store presentation, it has become the ‘destination store’. A visit to Oxford Street is not complete without a trip to Selfridges.

Having worked as a Visual Merchandising Manager at Selfridges, you can guarantee that whatever the latest trend is, Selfridges will have it. It is the store to be seen in. Retail needs to be fun and exciting to attract customers. You certainly will not get this great shopping experience when sitting behind a screen!

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