How not to present your retail shop or store to your customers.

To end 2018 in a somewhat comical way, I thought I’d share a few photographs that will make you gasp, smile, laugh and probably shock you.

I have worked in the Visual Merchandising industry for over 20 years and have travelled extensively and observed a great deal in retail. I have collected these photographs over the years, while some have been sent to me by other Visual Merchandisers who I know. These photographs are used in the VM training sessions I run and in VM guidelines I create for clients. I do find educating retailers is the most challenging part of my job, but hopefully images like this will help them improve their shops and stores.

On a serious note, these photographs will probably shock you. Customers should not be subjected to seeing these sights. Anything from crammed window displays to the complete lack of merchandise in windows through to unprofessional mannequin poses to bad ticketing & signage to the shop floor being used at the stock room.

The most worrying part is that these retailers think this is acceptable for customers to see these sights. In this tough competitive work of retail, first impressions are vital. After all, “You Don’t Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression”. There is always a customer looking over your shoulder!

In this tough market, retailers need to create the right shopping environment. From shop fronts to window displays to interior visual merchandising, product layout and focal points around the store, Creative Download will ensure that creativity is balanced with the commercial requirements of your business.

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