Fomo Store, Gothenburg, Sweden

A new flagship pop-up store called “FÖMO”, which stands for Fear of Missing Out, has opened in The Mölndal Galleria, a new shopping centre in Gothenburg, Sweden. This unique physical lifestyle magazine gives a new shopping experience featuring a broad range of categories with a focus on brands that are not easily available in Sweden.

It is a mix of a living lifestyle magazine and a multi-brand concept with products changing frequently through the year to ensure customers always see, touch, taste, smell and hear something new, with frequent events driving new kinds of customer experience. The store provides Retail As A Service (RAAS) with staff, concepts, events and marketing to deliver the right message for each brand. As part of the program, brands are required to have event activations, appear in the window – much like the cover of a magazine for a few weeks and provide something that benefits the community whilst engaging with their customers.
A micro-department store of sorts, focusing on an event format with exhibitions, workshops and experiential marketing. A play area, coffee break spot and shopping in one space, how inviting!

I understand that “FÖMO Store” is inviting new brands to come on-board and hunting for new locations in Europe to expand the concept.  For further information contact:

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2 thoughts on “Fomo Store, Gothenburg, Sweden

  1. Dear Iain and Creative Download!
    Thanks for the thumbs up, we are just getting started and it’s a work in progress that we are all passionate about. We are changing the retail landscape with this format and there is a lot more to come… stay tuned.


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