Watching paint dry?

As we know, retail is tough at the moment given the general economic climate and the current On-Line business. Retailers need to start fighting back to attract customers back into their stores. With tight VM budgets,  Visual Merchandisers need to create a concept that is inexpensive to produce and install. Window displays and VM sites around a store need to attract the attention of the shopper, create some retail theatre and give the customer something to remember their visit to your store.

As Martin Pegler (Author of Store Presentation & Design) said, “The buzz word is Presentation: it is all about the theatre in retail design. The curtain goes up on a new, different and enticing show. Presentation make the difference between whether the store is serving up ‘comedy’ or ‘tragedy’ and how the show will be judged by the shoppers.

The use of paint pots, paint brushes and over sized Pantone cards are both bright, colourful and something out of the ordinary. So if you are wanting a bright, fun concept then this will certainly catch the eye of the customer. Here is some inspiration.

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