Work, Travel, Save, Repeat…..

When you see a vintage suitcase sitting in an antique store or flea market, there has to be an inspiring story about who owned it and where it’s been. Perhaps it once made a voyage to Bali or carried a soldier’s belongings or maybe an immigrant brought into a country, holding lots of personal possessions. Suitcases have stories, and that’s what makes them amazing conversation pieces, especially when they’re covered in stickers representing far-flung destinations.

There are so many tropical/travel window concepts in stores and windows at the moment particularly given the hot weather the UK is currently experiencing. Why not install an inexpensive theme, based on old suitcases to give your window that slight twist?

As we know, retail is tough at the moment given the current On-Line business so retailers need to start fighting back to attract customers back to their stores.  VM Budgets are tight, so the use of old suitcases that can be bought very cheaply, is a good way to give your window impact without breaking the bank. Here are a few ideas to stir your imagination.

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