Inspired by a Legend

In June 1335, a young man of just 21 set out to explore the World. His joinery spanned 24 years and six different lands – Tunisia, Egypt, India, China and Andalusia. Along the way, he survived storms, pirates, served as a judge and scholar, dined with nobles and commoners.

This extraordinary adventurer was Ibn Battuta. His life and travels are an inspiration to us all. This has influenced the design and spirit of the Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai. You can see this in the interior themes and names of the shopping courts within the Mall.

At Ibn Battuta Mall, dining and entertainment and retail therapy, come together with history and culture of this remarkable adventure.

In my view this has to be one of Dubai’s most exciting and interesting shopping and retail destinations. It was an absolute pleasure to visit the mall last week, and to enjoy some shopping with High Street brands and learn about the history of this remarkable explorer. China Court was my favourite as it reminded me of my time living and working in China and the Far East.


2 thoughts on “Inspired by a Legend

    • Hi Shawn
      I do agree with you that it is very American and quite brash. Mind you this is Dubai, so they like to do things bigger and better!


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