50 Shades of Green……

Retailers appreciate the importance of store environment in enhancing the customer experience within their store.  The outdoor landscape can be an extension of the shop interiors, providing a positive shopping and memorable experience. So with the introduction of plants into a store, this helps softens the merchandise and engages the customer with a sense of calmness.

Retail environments can harness nature’s inherent powers to put people at ease by decorating their space with lush greenery. There is no doubt that colours affect a customer’s mood and green reflects nature, relaxation, health and freedom. We all feel connected with nature and using plants and foliage in our stores brings the outdoors indoors.

Retailers are always looking for any opportunity they can to rival the competition. So by creating a shopping experience that consumers enjoy is paramount to the long-term success of the business. Ensure your retail space is inviting and a place that shoppers feel comfortable. This helps builds loyalty and increases the likelihood of return visits.

So from the stunning “living wall’ at West Elm to the clever use of plants around the store at Anthropologie, to the beautifully created Petersham’s in Covent Garden, to the fabulous exterior of Jo Malone in Sloane Street, London, here is a selection of photographs that create inspiration and help with the story telling of your merchandise.

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