VM is not always about Fashion!

I started my Visual Merchandising career at Harrods as a Junior and quickly progressed to VM Manager.  The department was then known as Display as oppose to Visual Merchandising. Within the department you were known by your expertise, so you were either a “Fashion” or a “Pots & Pans” person! So basically Fashion or non-fashion.

During my long and established  career, I have worked with many product mediums from Fashion, Food, Interiors, Gifts, Homewares, Beauty, Stationery through to Luxury Brands and Accessories. It is always a delight to work with non-fashion items as you have to use your creative talent to merchandise tables and shelving fixtures. Not forgetting to be artistic when creating a strong focal point which will make the customers stop and say “WOW!

So for those Fashion stylists who think dealing with plates and crockery is boring, here is a selection of photographs that hopefully inspire you to branch out and work with other product mediums. Have fun and be creative!

From the regimented layout of Bloomingdales and Fortnum & Mason through to the mish-mash of Anthropologie, Merci in Paris and the most famous China & Crockery shop in New York, Fishs Eddy.


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