The use of Chairs in Visual Merchandising.

Your windows need to ‘pack and punch’ and make the customer stop and look. As Visual Merchandisers, we all know that this is paramount. In today’s society people’s attention span is shrinking. They are busy walking by your store either chatting to a friend, or too busy on their smart phone to even notice your window display.

So from the past couple of blogs, which used circles and bicycles in visual merchandising, give some thought into the use of chairs. When VM budgets are tight, then once again, this is a ideal solution. Be bold and exciting with the colours and shapes of the chairs. Not only are they a great prop, use them as a hanging prop or dress your merchandise off them. If you are a furniture retailer, then why not hang all the chairs in the window to make an art installation.

Why not continue the theme of chairs within your store by mounting them onto the wall? Use them as garment rails, ideal to show off fashion, but do remember Health & Safety and ensuring that these chairs are fixed correctly to the walls.

Here is a selection of photos, which I hope will give you inspiration.

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