The use of bicycles in Visual Merchandising.

Following from last week’s blog about the use of circles in Visual Merchandising, this week’s blog has a slight twist. Still using circles, but this time with the use of bicycles and their wheels. As mentioned last week, circles will always attract the eye, particularly in a square or rectangle shaped window. Circles are a pleasing on the eye and can be used as a “line of sight” to the focal point.

“The essence of props” is the key player in the windows because you can use them to create drama, excitement and retail theatre. Here we see bicycles in a variety of windows from fashion to home and even promoting Christmas decorations at a trade fair.

The props for window schemes do not necessary have to reflect the Brand or promote the Brand. Creating window displays is all about theatre and giving the customer something to remember your store. 

Your window displays can be as valuable for attracting customers as an advert in your local paper or a post on your social media. If you’re located on a busy street or in a pedestrian mall, your windows provide you with an amazing opportunity to attract customers, sell your brand, send a message, entertain, inspire and ultimately sell your product or service.

So if your VM budget is tight, then this inexpensive prop is an ideal solution to creating a window. Here is a selection of ideas using bicycles.

My favourite was the window scheme last year at Fendi with the smart red bicycles. Looked stunning. I wonder where all those red bicycles are now?


2 thoughts on “The use of bicycles in Visual Merchandising.

    • Exactly!. Sadly I feel you are right about the current crop of VM. As old school VM, we need to kick ass and show them how its done properly and professionally!


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