The use of Circles in Visual Merchandising.

Your retail window display is one of the most powerful weapons and is the cheapest forms of advertising within your business.

Nowadays the space that has been allocated for window displays is either square or more often rectangle in shape. So why not create a window concept that incorporates either a single circle or a grouping of circles to create interest?

The use of circles will always attract the eye, particularly in a square or rectangle window display and is a great form of “Line of Sight” to the main merchandise. If you have the opportunity in your design, then create attention from the passing customer by installing a turntable/motor so that the circles rotates.

Depending on the design of your window, the main piece(s) of merchandise should be shown within the circle.

Circles can be used for a variety of merchandise from fashion, to perfume to homewares, to jewellery. Don’t forget that circles do not necessary have to be confined to a window display. They can be used in a Pop-Up Fixture on the shop floor or in a Mall to create interest.

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