Neom – Start your Wellbeing journey….

A walk down The Kings Road in Chelsea yesterday took me to the recently opened Neom store.  It is packed with gorgeous items to pamper yourself: Bath & Shower oils, Body Oils, Body Washes & Lotions, to Body Scrubs to leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

There is also a wide selection of Home Fragrance products from candles to spritz a room to beautiful reed diffusers to fill the air with a scent.

The Christmas range is a stunning collection for the most serene and sparkling festive season, ever. Neon promise to give you the key to unlock your true wellbeing need, whether that’s better sleep, a brighter mood, a calmer Christmas or a much-needed burst of energy.

The store itself has an air of calm with beautifully crafted copper tube fixtures in front of white painted exposed brick work, excellent signage and ticketing and the Wellbeing School at the back of the store. The window display is eye-catching although it looks a little sparse with products. They could have made a better pyramid grouping with the merchandise to avoid the angles of the products.


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