The Christmas Shop at John Lewis.

John Lewis in Oxford Street has launched their Christmas Shop or rather the Christmas Market. The ceiling of the walkway is covered in hanging lights which guide you through the department. I would expect nothing less with John Lewis when it comes to their merchandising. Their modern fixtures are crammed with lots of delightful merchandise. When it comes to decorations, these are shown in perspex tubs which is ideal to shop from and it makes it easy for staff to replenish. Their decoration themes range include Folklore, British Christmas, Tales of The Maharaja, Winter Palace to Lima Llama and Into the Woods. There are lots of scrummy food gifts to pick from. Ginger Bread Men to Chocolate to Panettone not forgetting a superb selection of gin, whisky and champagne. Coupled with this, there is an excellent selection of gift bags, bows, tags and roll wrap all beautifully merchandised. There is a great selection of trees, wreaths, garland and lights. And finally, the wow factor is the bauble wall. Consisting of hanging baubles all colour blocked. This certainly makes a wow statement. So now we just have to wait for the John Lewis TV advert…….

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