The Christmas Shop at Selfridges

Selfridges has launched its Christmas Shop……exciting or ridiculous?

When I heard that Selfridges had launched their Christmas Shop, I felt quite excited to see the 4th floor of the store. Sadly my expectations were dashed when I saw the poor execution of Christmas. It transpires that this is just a ‘soft launch’ and the second phase of The Christmas shop will launch on 4th Sept. The store must have thought it was  commercial viable to do a ‘soft launch’ but given the range of merchandise on offer, maybe they should have redesigned the area and called it The London Shop. All the merchandise has a London theme which is ideal for the tourists visiting London at this time of year. Sadly I was not impressed with the blue and red paper decorations and the somewhat small Christmas trees that were unlit and sparsely decorated. Christmas trees should be well lit, filled with baubles, decorations  and bows to give that opulent and luxury feel. I am looking forward to the full launch. Lets hope its a big improvement. Harrods will be the next store to launch their Christmas Shop.

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