Visual Merchandising is not always about Fashion and Mannequins…….Food can look sexy and appealing!

Good Visual Merchandising, Store Layout and Presentation is not always about fashion and mannequins. Food Stores and Foodhalls within Department Stores are increasing their awareness of the importance of good visual merchandising to attract customers.

As we are all aware, Visual Merchandising is an art of presenting your products to look good to the customer. It is a combination of art and science by creating that spectacular sales floor. Customers want to feel that shopping in your store is a pleasurable experience and they want to be excited by the range of merchandise on offer. It does not matter if you are dealing with Food, Homewares, Fashion, Accessories or Luxury Brands, the same high standard of visual merchandising is needed.

From my extensive files, I have pulled a selection of photographs of Foodhalls and Food Stores which create that “wow’ appeal. These stores range from the Foodhall at Marks & Spencer to Waitrose through to Jemoli’s in Zurich. Instead of using traditional metal supermarket gondola’s, retailers are now using baskets, hampers and wine crates to give height and depth to a focal area. In the case of Jemoli in Zurich they are even using mannequins in their Foodhalls.

So at the end of the day, even Food can look sexy and appealing!

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