Window displays are not always about fashion.

From my files it gives me pleasure to publish photographs of a window scheme that I designed while working as Head of Visual Merchandising at Tangs Department Store in Singapore.

Although fashion/mannequins is our first thought when we think about window displays, I focused on Home/Food merchandise that sadly gets forgotten about in many department store windows.

In preparation for The Global Department Store Summit 2014, that Tangs were hosting, I project managed the concept/design of our Home Lifestyle Windows for the event.

Window 1

A modern living room with an Asian twist with the black seating and merchandise from Tangs Heritage Shop. A simple crisp layout with pleasing to the eye product groupings in the red bookcases, hand made artwork on the wall to fresh flowers to soften the scheme.

Window 2

A modern kitchen/dining room feel using black and white as a colour scheme. A spacious layout using merchandise from the Cookshop, Informal Dining and the Foodhall.

Worked commenced as soon as the store closed. The window blinds were lowered and contractors were expected to finish the installation by 6am the following morning. The windows were dressed during the day and the blinds were raised at 6pm to the excited passing customers to an arousing cheer. Another well executed installation.


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