What customers should never see……

Visual Merchandising is the art of presenting merchandise to look good to customers. Customers want to feel that shopping in your store is a pleasurable experience. They want to be excited by the range of merchandise on offer. The merchandise needs to be presented in a way that brings quality and style.

The merchandise needs to represent the ‘must have’ purchase.

Professionally executed, it gives the store huge potential to distinguish the Brand and will excite customers. Poorly executed it will downgrade the store immediately. Lower customer expectation will reduce the perceived value of the merchandise.

It is crucial  to get the store message across to your customers.

The same principles and guidelines apply to all types of merchandise. It does not matter if the merchandise is fashion, food, homewares, gifts or luxury accessories. Good visual merchandising will create impact on the customer.

Given my 20 years working in the Visual Merchandising industry I have had the opportunity to work in the U.S, the Middle East, and more recently in Asia. I have seen some great visual merchandising standards during my career. On the negative side, I have seen some horrific sights, which has certainly downgraded the stores and something that the customer should never see. I find it quite sad that retailers think it is acceptable to have such poor VM standards whether its through their window displays, the in-store presentation, broken fixtures, handwritten signs to a massive overstock of products to pallets or general rubbish left on the floor.

Its very much like the phrase “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”.

So hold onto your seat for some horrific sights …………..


One thought on “What customers should never see……

  1. Hi, this z upasana from Hyd.i m also a part of this VM profile.yes, it’s true that we have horrible sides of VM.but there are many reasons behind it. As per my personal experience the main drawback is lacking of knowledge.Most of the people or staff dnt have the proper knowledge about Visual merchandise.People dnt knw ,how it’s work in retail.most of the time staff have “let go attitude “.For front hand staff they think only SALE is their responsibility not maintain the VM display and standards.
    second reason ,I found it’s a lake of management power as management should strict about to maintain the VM standard.
    Third ,people mentality , specially the front hand staff is the 1st person to communicate with customers.after SALE ,staff is not even setting the merchandise .

    For me,we can solve this kind of problem , may not fully we can solve but bit of ,if u take steps:
    1.management should introduce new policies like incentives for d staff to maintain VM display like they get for SALE.
    2.Give them proper training


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