In-Store Ticketing/Signage/Way-Finding

Store ticketing and signage is a way of communicating to the customer about the merchandise on offer. It could be about the description or cost of an item or simply a message/strap line with the merchandise. This has a two way effect. It draws customers to the item giving them the information they need about the product or a last opportunity to persuade the customer to buy the item.

Ticketing and signage does not always have to be serious. It can be produced in a fun and quirky way to attract the customers attention. Rather that the phrase “made you look, made you stare”.

Stores use whats known at Way-Finding to guide customers around the store and point them in the right direction of services or facilities such as Lifts, Customer Service, Restaurant, Coffee Shop and that most vital of facility, Toilets.

Here is a selection of examples of Ticketing/Signage/Way-Finding from my files.



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