Autumn Home Interiors

Where has the Summer gone? It only seems like yesterday when we were Spring cleaning of our homes and buying Spring/Summer items to accessorise our homes. Now we see new trends for Autumn and Winter appear in many stores. Many home retailers are following the trends of animal prints. This is also reflected in many fashion stores where tiger, zebra and crocodile prints roam free! This will certainly be evident at this week’s London Fashion Week.

The new Autumn/ Winter 2018-2019 colour trends from the runways are available to dazzle. The richness expected from Autumn is definitely on trend, but unexpected shades are changing how people consider their looks for Autumn and Winter. The rich tones, colour blocks and animal prints as what’s to come this season, mixed in with intense hues of berries and bark.

From the rich autumnal shades, on the runway to home interiors and accessories that transfer a ray of summer to the gloomy days of Autumn/Winter.

Here are some of ideas of Autumn home interior merchandising for your store.

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Autumn/Winter 2018/19

It’s that time of year when the new trends for Autumn and Winter appear. Python, zebra, cheetah, croc and more animal prints roamed free and wild across the catwalk shows this season.

The new Autumn/ Winter 2018-2019 colour trends from the runways are available to dazzle. The richness expected from Autumn is definitely on trend, but unexpected shades are changing how people consider their looks for Autumn and Winter.

From the rich autumnal shades, on the runway to home interiors and accessories that make an effort to transfer a ray of summer to the gloomy days of Autumn/Winter, the new cold seasons have it all!

Look out for next week’s blog for Autumn Home Interior Merchandising for your store.

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We love our animals…..

Most of us are huge animal fans, whether it’s our dogs or cats or whether it’s the excitement of seeing a giraffe or lion.

It’s interesting to see how animals (as display props) have moved into our windows and in-store VM sites. As we all know a window concept should be bright, themed and catch the eye of the passing potential customer. Louis Vuitton has certainly captured the imagination with various concepts over the years using dogs through to elephants. Window concepts are retail theatre and given the current economic climate, retailers are using their windows to make us stop and look.

The store Level Kids in Dubai used Flamingo’s in their summer scheme while Fortnum & Mason used wicker animals in their windows as well as in-store.  Graphics now include animals which has included a Back To School concept at Paperchase. Sometime ago, I remember seeing a huge whale hung over a china & ceramic table at Anthropologie at their store in Regent Street. That was quite a focal point and something totally unexpected.

In my previous role as Head of Visual Merchandising at Tangs in Singapore, I devised an Octopus for a concept entitled “I am not a Shoe Addict”.  Made from polystyrene, its feet were actual pairs of shoes and we gave the octopus a winking eye to attract the customers attention.

And naturally when Christmas arrives, this is when the fun starts. Probably the best concept using animals was the redoubtable Selfridges with their Pantomime concept. A brilliant concept and well executed, and  having worked as a VM Manager at the store, I would expect nothing less.

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The Harrods Christmas Shop

In true Harrodian style, the Christmas Shop is open for business. Resplendent with lit garlands, a sumptuous array of decorations and baubles which cater for every style of Christmas.   In one section they have created The Harrods Gift Shop, mixing Christmas with merchandise from The Harrods Shop. The main section has stunning mini room sets with feature fire places and beautifully dressed Christmas Trees give elegance, luxury and opulence.  The fixtures and gondola’s are superbly merchandised which makes it easy for customers to browse and shop. And yes, customers were buying and the tills were ringing!


Anyone for Afternoon Tea?

Afternoon tea is a long-standing British tradition and a must-try on any visit to London. From themed meals to traditional styles, this ceremonious event is steeped in history and can be enjoyed at some of London’s top hotels, restaurants and department stores, all offering their individual take on this quintessentially British occasion.

It all started in the 1800’s when Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford who, at the time was a close friend of Queen Victoria and a prominent figure within London society complained of “having that sinking feeling” during the late afternoon.

She wanted something small to satisfy her hunger, nothing too large just something to see her through till dinner time.

From this want, the afternoon tea ritual was born. However, it was traditionally only a small bite of something, not the big celebration it is now.

This tradition has reached the retail stores in Britain, none more so than Fortnum & Mason in Piccadilly. Their window concepts are superbly styled beautifully which is synonymous with this fine English store.

There are many places in London where you can indulge in Afternoon Tea. Now we see the VM concept of Afternoon Tea in many stores from Home to Fashion to Food.

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A Sign of the Times.

Have you ever noticed how much signage, ticketing and graphics are now an integral part or Visual Merchandising?

Whether it’s a graphic panel in a window display or ticketing promoting a new product or a branding block, these elements enhance the store image and the appeal of the merchandise.

Graphics play a vital role in the design of the store and in the communicating a promotion or Brand message.

Gone are the days when stores used no signage, nowadays it all about creating theatre. Large graphic panels in windows or the signage on the doors will guide you into the store, while in-store signage/ticketing do more than inform you as the price of an item. A ticket will educate the customer about the product, reinforce a promotion and will ultimately make the decision as to whether the customer buys the merchandise.

In this digital age in some stores, you are now able to scan your smart phone on the QR Code and receive information about the product.

Apart from having an in-house VM team, many large stores will also employ a team of Graphic Designers who role is to devise new and exciting graphics and tickets for the shop floor. Coupled with this, many stores will have facilities to print all ticketing, signage and graphics in-house.

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Ho Ho Ho…..Merry Christmas!

With temperatures in London hitting over 30 degrees, you’ve probably forgotten Christmas is only 4 months away. But Selfridges has launched Christmas, well a soft launch, predominately promoting London themed Christmas merchandise. The store will hit peak stock in September when shoppers will be able to purchase from the full selection of Christmas as the shelves will be packed with garlands, trees, baubles and Christmas goodies!

Naturally customers will have divided opinions, but I know from experience from my days as VM Manager at Selfridges that sales are driven by early Christmas shoppers and tourists. Given the volume of Christmas merchandise that Selfridges purchases from suppliers, it makes commercial sense to launch Christmas now.

Retail is all about creating the wow factor, creating retail theatre and more importantly educating customers as to what’s new in merchandise. While in Selfridges yesterday, shoppers were certainly happy to browse and the tills were certainly ringing which has to be good for revenue.

Harrods will be the next to launch Christmas which is usually within the first two weeks of August. This is closely followed by Fortnum & Mason which is usually early/mid-September.

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10 Reasons to shop locally.

10 reasons to shop locally, keeping those important independents retailers alive.

Wherever you live in the UK, there will always be local businesses whether a Coffee Shop, Home & Gift Shop or even a Fashion Boutique on your High Street. Choosing to shop locally instead of the major Chain Stores has many advantages for both the local economy and giving the customer that all important memorable shopping experience.

The need to improve your local economy

Local businesses are the backbone of our economy and have been for many years. Shopping at a local business, rather than a large chain, is better for the economy of your community. It brings a local neighbourhood together and shopping on a Saturday afternoon in your local High Street will be less stressful than hitting the Chain stores in a city.

The need to create jobs for local people

Shopping and investing in local businesses means they can employ local people  which has a positive effect on the health of local jobs and the community. By helping to grow the number of jobs in your area makes for a better place to live.

It creates a warm character and personality

The advantage of dealing with independent businesses is that they are run by people. As they are run by local people, you will find that the business/shops add character to the community with a warm and welcoming personality. This has to be more popular than a chain store, no matter where in the country you are shopping.

That all important memorable shopping experience

While many chain stores do have good customer service, it’s nice to have that  personal touch of a local owner who takes an interest in you. The relationship between customer and the local business is improved and goes further than just the purchase. Local shops quite often stock an inventory based on their own customer’s choices rather than national fashion trends.

Your health and the environment

There is definitely a positive impact on the environment by shopping locally. If you are in a position to walk to your High Street rather than drive, then this reduces the dilemma and stress of finding a parking space. Naturally walking has more health benefits and will certainly reduce traffic and air pollution. It makes our High Street more customer focused without the need to dive between the cars while trying to cross the road.

It creates originality and individuality

In a world that is becoming increasingly dominated by chain stores, independent businesses bring much-needed originality. It is so vital that local shops to have good window displays and in-store presentation. It is just as important to keep that “wow” factor to attract the passing customer. They can be a real breath of fresh air ensuring that the shop is refreshed regularly with its window display and even the merchandise. By employing a professionally trained visual merchandiser, the shop owner can then focus on sourcing new and exciting merchandise. Quite often you will find merchandise that is not available in the Chain Stores.

Help to create the identity

Some local businesses will actually help shape the identity of the area. A high street filled with unique, vibrant and colourful shops will attract more footfall and help to make the community a more popular and financially healthier area in which to live and work

Is On-Line the future of retailing?

Many people believe that the best deals can only be found online. You might be surprised to see just how competitive the prices are in your local shops and businesses. Are we becoming a nation of lazy people by ordering on-line, not wishing to leave the house and having no interaction with other people? And if the item is faulty or needs returning, it is good to know that by returning the item to the shop you will have face to face interaction instead of calling a premium telephone number and hear that familiar voice “Your call is important to us”

The budding entrepreneurs

There are so many independent shops that have started from scratch. For some of these owners, this is a complete career change, so choosing to shop locally encourages them with their business and they are more than happy to deal with your shopping requirements. By supporting your local businesses, you are helping to support local entrepreneurs who grow their business. Examples are The Langport Stores, Langport, Somerset, Taylor Jane in Reigate, Surrey, Edit Lifestyle in Petts Wood, Kent and Aida in Shoreditch, London.

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The rise of the Pop-Up Shop.

Have you noticed the number of Pop Up shops quite literally popping up? With the increase of on-line shopping, Brands are now fighting to attract customers back by creating the pop-up shop experience that will hopefully leave a lasting impression with customers.

Pop-Up shops were introduced in the early 1990’s in cities such as London, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo. These retail event spaces create theatre, create a fun place to shop and generate new customers, while building Brand awareness. This is a great opportunity for the Brand to educate customers, as well as connect with customers who normally shop on-line. It gives the Brand an opportunity for a Pop-Up shop without signing up to a long, expensive and complicated lease on a property.

While most Pop-Up shops are in Malls or on the street, some pop-up shops still remain physical bricks and mortar stores. In many department stores such as Selfridges in the UK, Pop-Up shops are installed and become part of the overall department store environment. It creates excitement and anticipation when a new Pop Up shop is being launched and is an opportunity to for Brands to promote a new product, or something that is on trend or even a Wedgewood Tea Shop in Peter Jones in London.

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Watching paint dry?

As we know, retail is tough at the moment given the general economic climate and the current On-Line business. Retailers need to start fighting back to attract customers back into their stores. With tight VM budgets,  Visual Merchandisers need to create a concept that is inexpensive to produce and install. Window displays and VM sites around a store need to attract the attention of the shopper, create some retail theatre and give the customer something to remember their visit to your store.

As Martin Pegler (Author of Store Presentation & Design) said, “The buzz word is Presentation: it is all about the theatre in retail design. The curtain goes up on a new, different and enticing show. Presentation make the difference between whether the store is serving up ‘comedy’ or ‘tragedy’ and how the show will be judged by the shoppers.

The use of paint pots, paint brushes and over sized Pantone cards are both bright, colourful and something out of the ordinary. So if you are wanting a bright, fun concept then this will certainly catch the eye of the customer. Here is some inspiration.

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